PRESS CONTACT - Peter Suwara :

What’s the story ?

Welcome ! Once upon a Tiny Quest, our tiny heroes sought to overcome big problems, and along the way learn some important life lessons.

Experience Great Tales in Little Lands.

What is all this Tiny Quest ?

Tiny Quest is a colorful combine-to-craft fantasy adventure on Android, iOS, and PC. Build, create and unlock character-driven stories, shaping the world as you swipe your way to victory. With 8 characters that need your help, and more on the way, Tiny Quest blends fairy tale narrative with a new combine-to-craft mechanic, and brings a colorful world to life.

When is it coming out ?

October Soft Launch will see the game out in Australia, Canada, Italy, and Malaysia. The full worldwide release will take place in early February.

Who is making it ?

Tiny Quest is produced by the Australian Studio InfinityPlusTwo, which is led by Steve Fawkner, the award-winning designer and creator of Puzzle Quest and Warlords. The studio is home to many industry veterans, including Lead Engineer, David Theodore, who has over 20 years' experience on dozens of game titles, and Rhiannon Bolton, another Puzzle Quest alumni.


• Free-to-play mobile gaming done right!
• The perfect blend of a casual gameplay, depth, and story
• A unique combine-to-craft mechanic which builds a world as you play
• Cute, engaging characters on a personal journey
• Loot and spells to add additional depth
• A colorful, positive game world
• Our hallmark - it's easy to learn, and tricky to master

The Team

Design : Steven Fawkner
Code : David Theodore
Art : Rhiannon Bolton

Further Info

Please contact for further information, interviews and, early access to the game.

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